Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today I will try to update an old blog!

Abover is a picture of the Sacred Grove
on a spring morning that wasn't clear. Infact it was very wet and very cold. It was the early spring and we realized that the pictures we have of th grove with lots of leaves on the trees and green dry grass is probably not authenic.

I so enjoy reading the blogs about my children, grandchildren and friends. I seldom blog myself. I think I enjoy just living too much to sit and write about the past. I hope I can become more diligent in writing to preserve the memories. To skip all we did the past year and just start with our most recent adventure. We went back east to visit the Church historical site and Niagara Falls. What a delight to travel to some of the world's most memorable places and to do it with your best friend. Here are some pictures of this great trip. The ultimate is the temple of course. This is the temple in Palmyra, It was beautiful with windows of stained glass depicting the sacred grove.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Are we to July yet!

Well - no we aren't to July yet. But we are getting closer. I couldn't pass up on the special party in princess costumes. Koy was quite the charmer. Brent and Kelsi enjoyed the cake auction.
Brenden and Kaden had a great time together - and didn't always have a video game going. We felt bad when the chalk art all washed off.

And more excitment in June and July

Cyndi and Paisley made it up as well and enjoed getting to know her cousins in Idaho as well. Just fun when families gather. The weather was nice and it was a fun outing with everyone.

Still catching up!

Also in June we had a great trip to Idaho for Ashley's baptism. Christy made her a beautiful dress and the whole weekend was special. Ashley, thank you for sharing your special day. We enjoyed lunch at the park afterwards and then a Gymnastics recital with the Sanderson kids. Enjoyed all of the Anderson Families.

Trying to Catch UP!

Wow, where has all the time went since our last posting. It has flown by and we have done so much. We will see how this translates into the blog. As you might imagine the majority of what we have done has been family related and it sure has been an exciting and fun time. Early in May we had a great hike up to Angel's rest one afternoon. Enjoyed some subway sandwiches on top. This pic is for those who have forgot how nice it is in the NW - looking down on the Columbia River.

Jaci and the kids came up in June and we had a great overnighter at a beach house. The weather could have been just a little warmer but it was very nice and we had an adventure or two. Those Sanderson kids found out how cold the Pacific could be. They were soaked in the first 5 minutes then they learned to stay a little dryer. Found lots of sand dollars and enjoyed some great clam chowder at Duggers. Sure is fun when the kids come to play.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Family Fun in April

April has been a month of extremes. We enjoyed a couple of 80 degree days. So Connie and I did a little exploring close to home. 1st stop was the Woodland Tulip festival - lots of pretty flowers and I didn't have to plant them. We then just did some exploring and hiking around - the Old Grist meal was a fun stop and then up Canyon Creek on a picnic and a little hike.

Well after all that fun it was time to enjoy some good family fun. Cyndi made it to town with little Paisley and then things really got fun. Shortly after they got here then we enjoyed Noel, Shelby and Malachi for a great couple of days. It was so nice to see then and have Paisley and Malachi here at the same time. Cute kids and you could tell that they were cousins.

When the weekend came we enjoyed the arrival of Snow and Chad, Heather and Beckett - so of course more fun to be enjoyed with the another cousin. Beckett was a champ at entertaining Paisley. It was also nice to see her enjoy a little time with cousin Breeana as well. She thought it was fun being the big sister.

Just a lot of fun with great looking Grand Kids and great Kids! Thanks for being a part of our lives - all of you!!! Made for a wonderful Spring. We look forward to the rest of the seasons of the year and catching up with all of you again!
Let Grandma know if you need 1 of these.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We also enjoyed some gymnastic fun with Brooke.
Too much talent...